Asian Quartz 101

A very sobering fact.. In 2015 more quartz was imported into the U.S. from Asia than any other country in the world. 10 years ago there wasn’t an alternative choice but the industry has changed, since 2006 100’s of quartz factories have opened in Asia. Some industry experts estimate there may be over 500! To put that into perspective there about 20 Breton quartz manufacturers worldwide.

Asian made quartz provides a cost saving value that can no longer be ignored, especially on multi unit projects. On one off kitchens a $500 difference may not seem like that much more to pay for brand name “peace of mind”. That perspective changes quickly when you’re bidding 100 units, a $500 a unit difference becomes $50,000 in savings, far too serious a number to ignore.

With so many different factories making quartz surfacing in Asia selecting the right supplier for a specific color or project you are trying to service can be a risky proposition.

The Gemstone Surface team has been doing business with Asian Quartz manufacturers for over 8 years and is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced resources in this category you’ll find. Gemstone takes the risk out of your Asian quartz buying experience.

Try us out on your next project, you won’t be disappointed.

The Gemstone Surface Team